12-30-06: Ready for the New Year? I'm not, but a certain NFL team is... ~ Major changes for 2007 in all aspects of my life. Honestly, I'm a bit terrified at the uncertainty, but know that Bob is looking out for me on the labor side of things. ~ Here's something you might find interesting: www.FHU.com I listen to this guy most nights (at midnight on my XM); check it out sometime.

This will be the final entry before the site overhaul (sometime in the next week or two).

Happy New Year everyone!

12-15-06: It worked!! Maybe too well, as Ben has claimed my Ravens killed Lamar Hunt. I'm not saying anything. ~Got another publishing deal; 4 songs, and one of them may be purchased outright...and you can bet this deal happened because I wrecked my Taxi, and went with FilmMusic.Net.


12-4-06: See what I did?!?! Man, the Ravens are gonna lose big-time at Arrowhead on Dec. 10th...Let's see what that prediction does for my team. ~ Wish I could sing like this guy; heard him on XM Radio a few times, and is steadily becoming one of my favs. Ray Lamontagne Check him out. Or his MySpace page is: www.myspace.com/raylamontagne

11-27-06: Happy (late) Thanksgiving everyone (and happy late birthday to me:::)))

Okay, so last time I said something about how great the Ravens were going to be, they lost 2 in a row, so I've decided not to say anything about them being 9 - 2 right now...I don't want to jinx them. There will be no mention of how they're the best team in the NFL now, or how they'll end up winning the Super Bowl. Watch them this Thursday night in Cincinnati to see for yourself.

11-9-06: The Ravens are rockin' and rollin' towards the play-offs. Yee--haa

I picked-up the new HEM CD, 'Funnel Cloud' a few weeks ago. I stopped at Border's before making another long and boring drive home, and was thinking, "I don't care what their politics are, the music's so damn good, and I need something to carry me home...", and man did the CD ever come through for me. I'm once again placing them near the top of my favorite bands. Simply a beautiful record. Last week I got the 'Ohio' CD from Over the Rhine, and while not every single track is perfect, several tracks are outstanding. Well worth the investment. 'Drunkard's Prayer' to me, is still THE most perfect CD. Not a single track is bad, or even mediocre.

So my current 'Top 5' favorite CD's are: 1) "Drunkard's Prayer" (Over the Rhine), "Either/Or" (Elliott Smith), 3) 'Rabbit Songs' (HEM), 4) Tie between 'White Ladder' (David Gray) and 'XO' (Elliott Smith), 5) 'Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots' (The Flaming Lips). Serious runner-ups are, 'Lost Songs' (D. Gray), 'I Can Stand a Little Rain' (Joe Cocker) and any Nick Drake CD. The Joe Cocker CD is out of print; might be able to find it on Amazon through a used record store...my copy, complete with paint speckles and scratches, is staying right here...wish I knew it'd be worth something someday).

Hmmm, what else is going on....Not much; probably not a good time for me to be writing, since I might say something I'll regret (not in the best of moods right now). Will try to write later. Or not. Who knows, and who really cares.

10-1-06a: I'm starting to pack the studio away, so I promise I'll try to record a few things and share for the next update, before everything's in boxes.

10-1-06b:  I was talking with a friend in town a few weeks ago about his most recent lost love. I hadn't talked with him in a while; just a few words on the phone or in passing on main street. Anyway, we had a good long talk one night, and he was pretty upset about this girl. He admitted that he may have blown it, waiting around too long; not committing to a serious relationship with her. Well, she got tired of waiting. It wasn't until later....much later, after she'd moved-on and found some other schlub, that he realized how perfect she was. I suppose very few of us ever realize just how perfect the days--and people within these days--are, in the present, that is. How many times have you looked back at a time in your life and thought, "Man, those really were the days...". This is the strange dichotomy: Once you realize just how perfect a day, week or year was, it's gone. Such was the case with my friend. He didn't think she was his soul mate until it was too late. And how convenient, for he now has that as his excuse for failing, or if you're a female reading this: not committing.

This is why I get upset with people who keep insisting that the good times are in the past. It's time for new memories! Everyday we have a chance to make life more special than yesterday. At the paint site this afternoon, before I left I took a long look around, and in a flash, the house suddenly came alive with ghostly images of myself frantically painting the first room in the house. I'll never forget that day; Darla was at my house, reading and working on her new résumé (or so I thought), and anxiously waiting for me to get done and get home (more hopeful thinking). Believe me, I've rarely painted as fast as I did on that day. I couldn't help but smile when I looked around today, as I smiled on that day, for I knew then how special it was, and how I'd look back and reflect. Which is exactly what I did. Footnote: What makes this particular memory so funny was when I got home, I found the TV on, a couple bags of Doritos opened, and Darla sleeping like a rock, having accomplished nothing!

Everything you do, and every person you meet is perfect. Unfortunately, most of the time you don't realize it until it's too late. Try this: Today, when you go about your daily routine, make sure you buy something at someplace; it's not important what you buy, just as long as you get a receipt. Then save that receipt, but don't put it away until you remember who you were with when you bought it, what the weather was like, how badly the Chiefs were playing, etc., etc. Write it on the back of the receipt if you have to. Pull that receipt out a year or 2 from now, and tell me that that time in your life wasn't special. And I'll know you're lying.

9-27-06: Colds suck, esp. when it's sooooo beautiful outside. We get roughly 2 -3 weeks in the Fall, and a few weeks in the Spring of absolute Cloud 9 weather, and though I've been enjoying it walking up to the store or post office, I've been stumbling along the way.

Now, to the really fun stuff: Ahhh, you guessed it: Ravens Football, baby. They are now 3 - 0 for the first time in their brief 10 year history. And the defense this year is downright Nasty; one of, if not THE hardest-hitting squads around. So, we have a top-notch Defense (not as good as the 2000 team, but still solid), and a much improved Offense (thanks to Steve McNair under center). I have no doubt that they will be in the Super Bowl this year. I am concerned about Cincinnati, though. The 2 teams are virtual equals, and maybe a bit more consistent from top to bottom. Everyone will get to watch them on Thanksgiving, as Baltimore hits the road to play the Bengals for the Nov.30 evening match-up. And the wait is killing me for the Ravens-Chiefs match-up in KC on Dec. 10. In the meantime, this Sunday they'll be at home against San Diego (should win), and then the Monday Night game on October 9 at Denver (not sure 'bout that one, but we seem to have the Bronco's number). So, it looks like we'll be 6 - 0 after beating the Panthers in Baltimore, then the bye week. Honestly, all I really care about is destroying the Chiefs and sending some of the Steelers players to the hospital (and winning), I wouldn't be too sad if they lose the rest. God I hate the Steelers. hate, hate HATE 'EM!!!! Imagine the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry x's 1000: that's what the Ravens-Steelers rivalry is like (to us Ravens people, at least). But it's beyond 'fun' hatred, it's, "...I hope their plane runs out of gas on the flight home..." hatred. Really.

Okay, calm now, but still have a cold, so I must go to bed. Ben, I got your message last night; I'll call you soon. Happy rest of the week, everyone!

9-6-06: Good to be back home; the Dallas T.A.O.M. is over, so now it's time to move on to bigger and better things, like trying to figure out how I can sell this house and get outta here as soon as possible.

8-31-06: All-nighters suck, esp. when you have to do a lot of driving, like to Dallas, for example.

7-31-06: Why does it seem the clock continues to move faster and faster as I get older? Not even a year ago, the world didn't seem to move as fast as it does now. I look back at how short a time it took to reach 36 years, and it scares me to think that sooner than later, (God-willing) I'll wake up and another 36 years of life will be tacked-on to this bag o' bones. So what's the plan? With all there is to see and do in life, and with such little time to do it in, is it really too late to start anything new? Today alone just flew, and it didn't seem like I got much done. I did manage to get out of bed at 6, drove down the 2-lane highway for a couple miles and dug-up some really cool indigo plant-type weeds to plant in my front yard, but by this evening, they were toasted. I'd blame the 104 temp., but the ones I didn't dig up are still surviving wonderfully just inches from the highway pavement. Maybe I took too long to plant them; shouldn't have put them in water while I waited an hour to dig the new holes. If they show no signs of life after tomorrow, I'll try again on Wednesday and replant them right away. Man, I must be gettin' old.

7-2-06: What a weekend; Mike D and his wife Annie came to visit. I haven't seen them since they got married in November, so it was nice to have them drive all the way down to  "...my little town..." I guess I have a lot to learn about how a marriage works if I choose to head down that road. As for now, I'm at a complete loss. I've been single for so long, I've kinda gotten used to it.

I guess I enjoy observing how things and people work. Curiosity might be too gentle a term, but I am a seeker of knowledge, and I figure that the more questions you ask, the more answers you shall receive, thus the more understanding (and appreciation) one will have of something they didn't know anything about before. I wish more people would just sit and listen --with an open mind-- For the record, I hate close-minded conservatives as much as close-minded liberals. One of the biggest threats our society faces is the lack of education: education in all aspects of life. It's hard, because the way "I" live, is the way I think others should live. "I" am always right, right? Here's more proof: The next time you're at a party or gathering in which you're forced to mingle with strangers, go up and introduce yourself to someone --anyone-- it doesn't matter. After the initial 'Hi how are you?', simply ask questions about themselves, what they do, what they like, etc. After you part, they'll remember you as one of the most interesting and likeable people they met all night. If it's a business gathering, you just scored a major deal, because everyone --and I mean e v e r y o n e-- loves to talk about themselves, so they'll love you. As long as you remember that everyone thinks they're right, you're golden (I hate that term, but it applies well here). I'm reminded of the George Carlin comedy bit he did a few years ago:

"...Ever notice when you're driving, that anyone who's goin' faster than you is a maniac! and anyone going slower is an idiot!..." So true.

6-27-06: My Sacred Music CD is now available for download at the Opus 1 site; if you want to buy individual tracks, they're only a buck-a-piece   ...whatta deal!!

6-15-06: Life can throw so many situations your way. Today, I was searching for the answer to a problem; thinking, meditating, praying that it would come. And I found it in the most unlikely place. Isn't it always that way? You keep your eyes open, and ya just 'know' when and where you'll get some relief. But you never find it. Until it comes to you, out of the blue, and you would have never guessed it. Life is a beautiful kind of Hell that I seem to have a love/hate relationship with.

~Removed the Top 5 Weekly (virtually no one was going to it). I plan on uploading the Sacred Music CD to the Opus 1 Download Store so people can put my stuff on their iPod. May do that Sunday after I play my final Mass in Montrose.

5-31-06: These updates becoming a challenge ~ I may remove the Top 5 Weekly since I'm not seeing much traffic to that page ~ Getting more painting gigs (good and bad, as some of you know that means less time to work on new material, but I need the money sooner than later, so I'll take all the work I can handle. ~ I do have the rest of the week off from painting, and I'm going to try to take every second of it and get caught up on Opus 1 stuff (really behind), home updates, and new music. Wish I had more exciting things to tell you (well, I got 3 more Taxi forwards today...that makes 5,239,451 forwards and 1 publishing deal)...my membership with the lame cab expires next month: probably renew it. Why? As they say in the world of the lottery, "You can't win if you don't play...", and that's exactly what the music biz is: a lottery.

5-12-06: Got the download shopping cart (over at the Opus 1 site) to work, and have been converting the entire Opus 1 catalog into mp3's and stuffing them into .zip files; I had no idea there was so much involved in this...also had no idea the paint job I'm about to finally finish would take so long. I hope to upload the rest of my music and offer that for sale, too. I guess this is the way more and more people will be buying music.

4-24-06: Played a gig at the Blue Inn Friday night. ~Gas prices are getting high and hurricane season is on the way. ~Islamic extremists are going to nuke Israel, but we might hit Iran first. Okay, done with happy thoughts; back to work!

4-11-06: Been missing these updates; finished the new Revelation CD/DVD; still going out with Darla, but think she might be growing a little impatient with all the hours I've been working (I'm getting pretty frustrated myself, though it's a good thing to have work--usually...just not this much)

3 25-06: I've been blessed with the gift of insomnia; here it is, 5:31 in the a.m., and after trying to go to sleep an hour ago, thought, "Screw it-- I gotta get up at 7 anyway and play for 8:30 Mass..." So thought this would be a good time to update the site a bit. ~ Going to see my sweetie tomorrow (today I mean...in 7 hours). ~ The morning sun is beginning to change places with last night's Moon. And it's beautiful.

3-13-06: What a weekend. Life is good.

3-7-06: Man, where does the time go? I've been so busy with the Opus 1 project I've forgotten about this site (almost, anyway) ~ More Taxi forwards; this company rocks! (insert sarcasm here). Guess that's about it for now. Bye!

2-25-06: Here's the latest on the new Opus 1 CD: the ad for the magazine is done, now I need to finish the music! Take a look:

2-24-06: Completed another story on the Memories page. "Tom's Hedonic Clouds".    I'm feeling like Cloud 7 right now: not bad, but still a lot of work to do, yet a lot pf potential good that may happen this weekend, too.

2-22-06: Dare I run my mouth again about how much Taxi frustrates me? Yeah, just for a little bit. 'Exotic Air' got rejected, when the listing was asking for pieces in the style of Massive Attack, Air and Zero 7. This song is totally Air and Zero 7, and a hint of Massive Attack, and it was rejected--after it had been forwarded a dozen times under the exact same style requests! I may call 'em on this one. That's it--I'm gonna call them right now...

Assholes. "....I can't really tell you the specifics on that, blah-bl-blah, blah, blah...." I shouldn't be surprised. ~ On a positive note, the advertisement for the new Opus 1 CD is coming right along; looks pretty good. I'll post a pic when it's finished. ~ Looking forward to this weekend (I think); the mystery girl I've referred to is due to come down for a visit. Better get back to cleaning!

2-8-06: Ohhhhh yeeeaaahhhhhhh....got the next story up ~ This was the first time in years I turned-off the Grammy's before it was over...I mean, not even close to being over. After U2 won over Foo Fighters for best rock album, I thought, "okay...a few more awards..." Then Maria Carey showed up, so off went the TV. And what was the deal with Coldplay? Chris looked liked he was impersonating Ian Anderson without his flute, and having to go to the bathroom...just weird. No, --beyond weird: plain bad, and I normally like that band. So who won the song, album and record of the year anyway? I just don't care anymore about the Grammy's. I need to once again remind myself that Pink Floyd and Led Zep never won a Grammy, but Millie Vanillie did, which makes perfect sense --they lip-synced their way to fame. Now 'The Brit Awards'...yeah man....that's a cool awards show.

2-7-06: I forgot how good this song was; on this 'Grammy Eve', it's a sad reminder of how unGodly the airwaves are. Anyway, I could go on--but I'm happy now--so I won't;  just enjoy the damn song! "I Was Just Thinking" by Teitur

2-6-06: Another entry

2-1-06: Got 2 more Taxi forwards yesterday (12 total for the new year) ~ There conceivably might be somewhat of an outside chance that I may potentially have a possible girlfriend in development, but it's purely speculation at this point, so I don't want to get ahead of myself. ~ Working on new stories for the 'Memories' page--you're gonna love these!

1-15-06: '24' starts tonight; just what I need--a distraction via television--but it's so good. ~ Found out Thursday at the Chamber of Commerce meeting that the Espresso Cafe is closing today. ~ That's 'bout it.

1-11-06: Recorded a new freebie yesterday morning for the deadbeat magicians; worked on the title-track to "Life Beautiful" last night. ~ Got up early again this morning (I'm enjoying the early-to-bed, early-to-rise mode as of late. What's early? Final clock check is around 1:00 - 1:30am; up at 6:45 - 7am). Feeling more energized, and am getting more done before lunch time. ~ Is this a boring entry or what? ~ Still not getting paid from web site and painting customers; $75 here, $1,800 there...it adds-up; and I wonder why I should bother being so nice to the 'good folk' around here. There are times (more lately), when I just want to pack-up and flip the bird to everyone on my way out. But I have a better plan....

1-5-06: Man this town is strange. I was just accused of being a narc. It hasn't been since my Senior year in High School that I was accused of that. Anyway, I probably won't be going out with her anymore.

1-3-06: New entry for 2006

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