In 2004, I decided to move to the country.  There were numerous reasons why, one of the main reasons being I had hit a 'wall' in my life, and needed a change of scenery.  The town I moved to provided the escape I was looking for, and the first morning I woke up in my new surroundings, I thought I died and went straight to Heaven.

I began documenting some of the visuals that inspired me, and the following is just a small taste of what I enjoyed being part of for the next 4 years.  What made this whole experience so special was the fact that I suspected my time there would be short; as a result, I savored every day. 

Still miss that town.

                       2006 Homecoming Parade

2006 Appleton City Parade



Misc. Photos

--more pictures of other people, places and things to come--




Around Town


2005 Scarecrow Festival


Surround Town





Music of Tommy  No longer across from the school in Appleton City, MO


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