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In June of 2003, I found myself in Cleveland, OH. Among the many things I did while I was there was to see the church that was used for the wedding scene in my all-time favorite movie, "The Deer Hunter".  The church photos were taken on a beautiful Wednesday morning by my good friend Adam (thanks for doing that despite the danger involved!) The photos of the Bowladrome were taken by a poster on the Deer Hunter discussion board.

bowladromefront.jpg (45064 bytes)... I believe David said this is actually in Struthers, OH. This is the bowling alley used in the movie.

8wideally.jpg (172556 bytes)...taken from inside the alley, and...barplrwide.jpg (159934 bytes) this is where Mike (Robert DeNiro) stood with a drunken Stan (John Cazale), conversing about a sleazy drunk girl sitting at the bar. The table wasn't there in the movie--they were leaning against the yellow/red support.    Thanks, Dallet for the photos!

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Church.jpg (42822 bytes) Starkweather3.jpg (557261 bytes)
..side view of St. Theodosius Section 8 really does wonders for neighborhoods! You can't even see the worst part of it....this is a shot of  the Starkweather Ave street sign (I thought it was the one seen in the movie when the camera pans down from the top of the church, but it's a different sign).  I paused the movie to read the street sign, did an internet search for Orthodox churches in Cleveland, and found one listed on Starkweather Ave.

EagleSuperMarket.jpg (391084 bytes)

Down this street is where Mike (DeNiro) and Linda (Meryl Streep) walked, past 'Eagle Super Market', about 200 feet behind where I'm standing


EvilFace.jpg (292873 bytes) Front of Church1.jpg (84618 bytes)
..enjoying the moment--isn't it obvious! ..Front of St. Theodosius Orthodox Cathedral



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