Fun Stuff:

  Favorite Bands:
Squirrel Club   Over the Rhine One of the best ....period
Roller Coaster Database Cool place to discover what's new and old in the world of roller coasters.   HEM Another amazing band that easily makes my Top 5 list. Nice, genuine people, and virtuosic musicianship.
    Francis Dunnery If you like David Gray, you'll love this guy.
    Ray LaMontagne If you like Nick and Elliott, this is your new favorite.
Music-related:   Misc.stuff:
Sold on Song  BBC music site; cool resource for songwriters  Located right here in the good ol' USA (Phoenix, AZ); best tech support and customer service I've ever received.
The Daily Swarm  The 'Drudge Report' of music related news and events    
AMS Great online retailer for instruments, equipment, etc. EZ payment plan!   WinningWithWilliams Organization and personal business development skills
Sweetwater  Another excellent online music retailer. My sales guy is Richard Whittington    
audioMIDI  Really good monthly specials; some are lowest anywhere. Good tech-support    
The Deer Hunter:  A Tribute   Animal Shelters/Info:
My page with other links and info   Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary No-kill animal shelter
    M'Shoogy's Another No-Kill Shelter
    --If you're going to buy a cat or dog, please consider adopting from a shelter and not buying from the super pet stores or puppy mills (breeders). Too many reasons to list here, but there are a few good reasons here:
    Wayside Waifs Kansas City area shelter


Music of Tommy  No longer across from the school in Appleton City, MO


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