"Something For Everyone"

My first CD!  Probably one of the most exciting moments in my life; having a little CD release party, opening the first box of CD's, selling my first copy (to a friend, of course), seeing it in the record store and hearing one of the tracks on the radio.  Though 1998 started off pretty rough, I always felt guided by someone special, looking down on me, trying to help me succeed in even the smallest ways.  Thank you, Bob --I still miss you very much.

Oh, the music:  Well, there's a little bit of everything on here.  A couple instrumentals, rock/pop-type songs where I sing; all the acoustic guitars, tambourine, keys/midi drums & bass were played by yours truly ...all tracked on my beloved VS-880 8-trk digital recorder. 

The songs are good, the lyrics are even better, but since this was kind of a 'learn-as-you-go' project, the production value could be (much) better.  But, in a way, I guess that's part of what makes this record special.

"Something For Everyone"

$10 (includes postage/handling)

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CD will be shipped within 24 hours of purchase (except over Sundays, Holidays and days when the post office is closed) via USPS First Class Mail, which is usually 2 - 4 days.




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